Organic Chamomile Water 50 ml

Organic Chamomile Water provides gentle care perfect for all skin types. Thanks to its ability to regulate sebum production, Organic Chamomile Water can even be used to care for problematic or sensitive skin. Its benefits also include skin-clarifying effects, balancing the skin’s PH levels, calm ...

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Organic Chamomile Water provides gentle care perfect for
all skin types. Thanks to its ability to regulate sebum
production, Organic Chamomile Water can even be used to care for problematic or
sensitive skin. Its benefits also include skin-clarifying effects,
balancing the skin’s PH levels
, calming effects, and reducing
swelling, itchiness
, and reddening caused by the sun or
. It then also works like tonic water, supplying the
necessary hydration and calming. This product is popular for
its many uses and gentle fragrance. Even babies with soft skin
appreciate it for its gentle and calming properties.

The chamomile fragrance is known for its bitter-sweet honey
. And we know from folk traditions that the universal effects
of chamomile harmonise the body and mind.

Organic Chamomile Water comes in a practical spray bottle that you can take
with you and apply to the face whenever you need some refreshment or for your
makeup to hold throughout the day.


Organic Chamomile Water is made by the gentle steam distillation
of true chamomile, which grows in the heart of the Bulgarian
Rose Valley
. Collecting the chamomile starts early in the morning when
the blossoms create the largest amount of essential oils. It’s only thanks to
its short transport time, lasting no longer than 45 minutes,
that the flowers maintain their natural freshness and gentle fragrance. The
treatment process is carried out in the traditional fashion of double
steam distillation
. During production, the precious chamomile oil is
not separated, rather it remains encapsulated inside. This helps our Organic
Chamomile Water to maintain its valuable properties and gives it its
high level of quality


Pampering the skin: You’ll fall in love with Organic
Chamomile Water when using it to care for the skin. You can use
it as tonic water to flush out and clean pores and for extra hydration. It also
helps to reduce reddening and itchiness on the face and skin.
Organic Chamomile Water is also suitable as a base before
applying nourishing oil or butter. When used regularly, it clarifies and
vitalises the skin and helps to prevent circles under the eyes.

TIP: Apply Organic Chamomile Water together with
100% Raw Organic Argan Oil PURITY VISION® and watch how your
skin shines and comes to life.

Body care:
Calm stressed skin by applying a few drops of
Organic Chamomile Water to free your skin of irritations while harmonising and
adding a base for deeper hydration. Organic Chamomile Water can be your little
helper after you’ve been tanning or suffered a bug bite, for example. It’s also
useful for intimate hygiene routines, like applying it to sitz baths, for

Organic Chamomile Water also has a place in regular oral
. Apply it directly to the gums or gargle it in your mouth. It can
also be used to quickly refresh bad breath.

Beautiful hair: Organic Chamomile Water enables
easier hair brushing
, turning the hair silky smooth. You can also make
your own homemade chamomile mixture by adding a few drops of our Chamomile
Water. Then rinse your hair with the mixture, thus giving you beautifully shiny
hair with a lighter shade.

Caring for little ones: Organic Chamomile Water cares for
babies’ gentle skin around the diaper area, where it helps alleviate
. When used for every diaper change, it both nourishes and
protects the baby’s skin.

TIP: Wash your baby’s bum and then apply the Chamomile
Water, thus adding an extra dose of hydration to the skin. Then massage
Organic Baby Body Butter PURITY VISION®
into the skin.

Warning: Even though herbs are nature’s gift, and Organic
Chamomile Water is 100% natural, it may cause irritation for you or your
children. That’s why it should first be used on the forearm. If it doesn’t suit
you, then try our Flower or Lavender Water.

Storage: Always store any kind of flower water in the dark
and at room temperature. You can keep the larger package on the shelf in your
bathroom cabinet. The mini package can be safely kept in your favourite purse.
During the summer and on hotter days, we recommend storing the product in the


Certificates guaranteeing the highest quality of our product:

This certificate awarded by PETA
ensures that none of our products were ever tested on animals, nor do they
contain any animal by-products.
At PURITY VISION®, we care for all living
things, which is why any form of animal testing goes against our beliefs.


Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Main ingredients: Chamomile
Skin type: Mixed, Problematic, Mature, Oily, Normal, Sensitive, Dry
Composition and ingredients


100% pure chamomile water from regulated eco-farming / German Chamomile
Floral Water.



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