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Bio Fir Water 100 ml

Organic Fir Water made from silver fir trees conceals a unique, natural strength in just a few drops. It’s ideal for all skin types, including problematic and acne-prone skin. Organic Fir Water is great for cleaning the skin; it can be used instead of a tonic or for an extra dose of hydration bef ...

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Organic Fir Water made from silver fir trees conceals a unique, natural
strength in just a few drops. It’s ideal for all skin types, including
problematic and acne-prone skin. Organic Fir Water is great for cleaning the
skin; it can be used instead of a tonic or for an extra dose of hydration before
applying your favourite cream, which your skin will absorb quicker by following
this step. Also, the amount of silver fir contained in the product helps to
harmonise and regenerate the skin, helping to regulate sebum and reducing
reddening. You can even use Organic Fir Water as a helper when brushing
unpliable hair, as soothing care for men after shaving, or to enjoy a pleasant
bath with the intoxicating scent of the forest.


We produce Forest Waters PURITY VISION® with love and respect for the
forests. By implementing steam distillation, the forest waters maintain a high
concentration of natural ingredients, including essential oils. The production
process takes place using the aforementioned double steam distillation, where
1000 kg of ingredients produce approximately 600 kg of forest water. During
production, we use the needles and branches of the silver fir tree, creating the
one-of-a-kind Organic Fir Water, which is sure to bring a smile to your face
with every application.


Pampering the skin: You can use Organic Fir Water for immediate hydration and
a pleasant, refreshing feeling. Try using it as a toning skin water or as a base
layer under your favourite PURITY VISION® cream or oil. First, clean your face
using our Organic Lavender Cleaning Gel PURITY VISION®, and then spray our
Organic Fir Water onto a cotton pad, using it to gently wipe any impurities from
the skin in small circular motions. Your skin will then be beautifully clean,
soothed, and free of any feelings of stress.

TIP: Give our Organic Fir Water a try combined with our
Organic Chamomile Oil PURITY VISION®, which is ideal for sensitive and
problematic skin, thanks to its soothing abilities.

For beautiful skin that’s soft to the touch: Thanks to its calming effects,
Organic Fir Water provides perfect care for sunburnt skin and irritated skin
after shaving or depilation. If you suffer from eczema, Organic Fir Water is the
right choice for you. It will soothe your skin, protecting it from overdrying
and supporting the natural protective functions of the skin barrier. Apply the
necessary amount of the product to your palm and lightly massage it into the
skin. The active ingredients contained in silver fir trees will treat your skin
to a dose of calming and regeneration. For even more skin nourishment, apply our
Organic Fir Water together with your favourite PURITY VISION® oil and watch as
your skin starts to shine.

TIP: The product also offers positive effects for the body
when used during aromatherapy. Compresses scented with silver fir work well
against stress and headaches. According to folk traditions, adding the scent to
your bedroom or spraying your pillow a few times will lead to peaceful sleep and
a fully rested mind and body.

For nourished hair and easy brushing: Organic Fir Water will make brushing
your hair easier, and thanks to the contained ingredients of this coniferous
tree, it provides your hair with an added dose of hydration and scalp
regeneration. Apply the necessary amount to the entire length of your hair and
slowly start to brush it through. You can then look forward to beautifully
fragrant and silky-smooth hair. Enjoy this no-rinse care designed by nature.

TIP: Treat your hair to extra care with 100% Organic Castor
Oil PURITY VISION®, which supports hair growth. Massage the oil into the skin
and allow it to work as a mask. Then, wash your hair with natural shampoo or our
Rhassoul Washing Clay PURITY VISION® mixed with water.

Caring for babies: Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, Organic Fir Water
is ideal for caring for children’s skin. Spray the necessary amount of forest
water into your palm and gently massage it into your baby’s skin. And because
Organic Fir Water has great hydrating and regenerative effects, you can even
spray it directly on the roots of your baby’s hair. Not only are you
contributing to their natural growth and improved brushing for gentle hair, but
you’re also gently removing any dandruff.

TIP: To pay extra care to your child’s skin, try Organic
Children’s Body Butter PURITY VISION®, which gently cares for the skin, treating
it to the necessary smoothness and hydration.

Extra care for men: Thanks to its calming and regenerative effects, Organic
Fir Water is also great for caring for men’s skin after shaving or facial hair.
Spray the necessary amount of the water into your palm and apply it to the
irritated skin. The Organic Fir Water should calm the irritated area while also
pleasantly refreshing the skin across your entire body.

Aromatherapy – a touch of the forest in your home 

Try Organic Fir Water for aromatherapy in your home. Not only does it fit
perfectly into your skincare routine for a scented bath, but it can also unfurl
a gentle, natural, forest aroma when used in an open room. For hundreds of years
now, silver fir trees have been known for their antiseptic effects. Folk
traditions claim that they work wonders on breathing problems, opening up the
airways, which makes using this product to add fragrance to your entire home a
good idea.

Warning: Even though Organic Fir Water is 100% natural, it
may cause irritation for you or your children. For this reason, try using it on
your forearm first. If it doesn’t suit you, try our Flower or Lavender Waters.

Storage: Keep PURITY VISION forest waters away from direct
sunlight. During hot weather, we recommend storing the product in the


Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Skin type: Sensitive, Dry, Mixed, Oily, Problematic, Mature, Normal
Composition and ingredients


INCI: Abies Alba Flower Water*, Limonene**.

* from organic farming

** Natural ingredient in fir water.



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