Personal data processing policy 


1.1. The administrator of your personal data is the business company Natures Care CZ s.r.o., with its registered office at Hlavní 15, 76804 Střílky, identification number: 26288605, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 41910 (hereinafter the "administrator"). 

1.2. The administrator's contact details are as follows: delivery address is Natures Care CZ s.r.o., Hlavní 15, 768 04 Střílky, Czech Republic, e-mail address, phone no.: +420 731 967 685. The administrator has not appointed a personal data protection officer. 


In connection with the operating of the eshop and depending on the purpose of processing we (as the administrator) collect, manage and process your following personal data: 

  • basic identification data, namely name and surname, 
  • contact data, namely phone number, electronic contact address, delivery and billing address, 
  • information about your IP address, 
  • information provided by cookies (see our cookies policy here), 
  • other personal data, the processing of which you will always be explicitly informed before such processing (e.g. photographs or video and audio records that you provide us during marketing competitions). 

Some of your personal data may be processed without your consent for following legal titles: 

  • your identification data provided for electronic communication are processed for the purposes of our legitimate interest to process the data provided by you for mutual communication, 
  • your identification data provided by you for the registration and further administration of your account in our store are processed for the purposes of our legitimate interest to process this data in order to provide you with such account, 
  • your identification data, contact data and other personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of  the performance of the purchase contract concluded between you and our company, for the implementation of measures taken before the conclusion of such contract (i.e. in negotiations prior to the conclusion of the contract in the form of processing requests, offers, draft contracts, etc.) and  for protection of our rights and legally protected interests (e.g. for the purpose of conducting disputes over the performance of the contract), including maintaining a database of customers, business partners and their contact persons, 
  • your e-mail address obtained in connection with the sale of a product or service, for the purpose of sending business messages, which is our legitimate interest, 
  • your e-mail address or other information you provide to us in connection with your opinions in questionnaires, surveys, discussions, all this in order to improve and develop our services and products, which represents our legitimate interest, 
  • cookies, which are needed for our store services to function properly, 
  • your personal data to the extent required by law to fulfill our legal obligations (especially identification and contact details for issuing, posting and archiving contracts, orders and tax documents for bookkeeping, etc.). 

For the processing of certain personal data for some purposes, we need your consent. These data and the purpose of processing are always stated in the consent you provide. We may need your consent, e.g.: 

  • for personal data processing for marketing activities such as: 
  • sending the current information, offers and other business messages, in case you did not provide us with your electronic contact in connection with the sale of products or services, then we need your email address, 
  • monitoring the movement of users on the website and profiling (especially analysis, evaluation and estimation of aspects related especially to your past purchases, preferences, behavior in the store, all in order to provide and improve our services and products and personalize them as accurately as possible according to your needs), for which we need to know your IP address and place so-called cookies on your computer, 
  • marketing competitions during which we collect your identification and contact data, photographs or video recordings, that you explicitly provided us, 
  • for maintaining a customer database of potential customers, 
  • for other reasons, about which we always inform you before processing the data. 



With regard to the contractual nature of the relationship with you, we collect data on the basis of your voluntary provision of this data. We process your data in electronic form and in this form they are stored and secured. Personal data are processed in paper form in exceptional cases only (e.g. concluded written contracts). 

For maintaining the database of customer-supplier relations we use a standard database and ERP systems and for electronic communication we use a standard communication system. Access to personal data sources (incl. data servers) is realized by a secure connection and protected by access rights with unique passwords of authorized users. All these systems are standard products whose providers guarantee to ensure compliance of data processing with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation). 



Your personal data are under constant electronic and procedural control provided through technical and organizational measures. All persons who come into contact with your personal data in the course of fulfilling their work or contractual obligations are bound by a legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality. Technical measures are regularly tested for safety at least once a year, organizational measures are checked and ensured on an ongoing basis. 

Your right to personal data protection is guaranteed by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection and GDPR. 


Personal data are processed as long as the legal reason for their processing persists, or unless the processing is terminated for other legal reasons. In the case of consent the processing lasts until the consent to the processing is revoked, unless there is other legal reason for further processing.  

The processing time is determined by the internal instructions for handling and securing personal data. At the end of the processing period (termination of the legal reason for processing), your personal data will be irreversibly destroyed or anonymized. 


We may share your personal data with: 

  • state authorities and state administration bodies for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations, 
  • external entities that perform data processing on the basis of the relevant personal data processing agreement concluded with our company, in particular: 
  • carriers, pick-up points and similar service providers, for the purpose of fulfilling the contract (delivery of ordered goods, prizes from competitions etc.), 
  • online payment service providers in order to arrange payment for our goods and services, 
  • companies providing marketing services, incl. automated sending of business messages, namely SmartSelling a.s., ID no.: 29210372 and Leadhub s.r.o., ID no.:  04466683 
  • providers of information systems and applications for the purpose of operating our store (hosting and web hosting service providers, content management srvices, etc.), namely Shopion s.r.o., ID no: 06919324, 
  • providers of other applications and systems who do not process the data, but to whom the data may be available under contractually defined conditions to the extent necessary for operation of our store, 
  • other entities upon your consent, such as: Heureka Group a.s., IČO: 078 22 774, for the purpose of generating and sending satisfaction questionnaires with the purchase within the program “Verified by customers” in which our e-shop is involved. The operator of the portal is entitled to use the provided e-mail address and data on the purchased goods exclusively for the purpose of generating and sending a satisfaction questionnaire in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Verified by Customers program available at The operator of the portal keeps the e-mail addresses and data on the purchased goods for the period during which our store is included in the program or until you express your disagreement with such data processing. 

The scope of personal data provided or made available to the third persons is always limited to the data necessary to fulfill the appropriate purpose and the data provision depends on the legal basis of the processing. 

We do not transfer personal data to recipients in third countries (outside the EU) or international organizations. 


8.1. You have the right: 

  • to request to access your personal data 
  • to correction of your personal data 
  • to deletion of your personal data 
  • to limit processing of your personal data 
  • for the portability of your personal data 
  • to raise objections to the processing 
  • to withdraw your consent for personal data processing at any time  

8.2. We will perform the required actions to the extent provided by law on the basis of your request. Any of your applications, objections, notices, changes in data and other of your requirements are accepted at If the data subject requests manifestly unfounded or unfair, especially because it is repetitive, we can charge you a reasonable amount or we can refuse to comply with your request. 

8.3. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection 

This Personal data processing policy takes effect on January 1st, 2023. 


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