Organic Flower Water 200 ml

Three flower waters of Organic quality brought together in gentle baby and children’s water. They are blended together to provide essential care for delicate and sensitive infant skin. Organic Flower Water also offers harmonising care for dry and problem skin.  Organic Rose Water hydrates and r ...

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Three flower waters of Organic quality brought
together in gentle baby and children’s water. They are blended together to
provide essential care for delicate and sensitive infant skin.
Organic Flower Water also offers harmonising care for dry and problem

Organic Rose Water hydrates and
regenerates. Its scent is like that of a mother’s womb. 

Organic Lavender Water soothes
red and irritated skin. Since time immemorial power has been attributed to its
scent that calms a restless mind and induces peaceful sleep. 

Organic Chamomile Water has a
delicate honey scent and lulling effect. It alleviates nappy rash, irritation
and swelling. 


Organic Flower Water contains three floral
ingredients among which are Damask rose, lavender and chamomile. All the flowers
come from the virgin landscape of the Bulgarian mountains where
they are hand picked in the spirit of Fair Trade. The harvest
begins in the early morning hours when the flower plants produce the greatest
amount of essential oils that protect them from low temperatures. The petals are
then taken to be processed immediately. Thanks to the short
, which takes a maximum of 45 minutes, the flowers retain
their natural freshness and delicate scent. Processing involves double
steam distillation
, when 1 kg of flowers is used to make 1 litre of
floral water. The precious essential oil is not separated during production, but
remains inside. Thanks to this process the Organic Floral Water retains its
precious properties and gets its high quality.

How to use:

Skin care: The Organic Flower
Water is produced for daily baby care. Spray appropriate amount of Flower Water
on your baby’s skin. Then apply the PURITY VISION® Organic Baby Body
. Concentrate on rubbing the butter well into the folds of the
skin to prevent nappy rash and irritation. Thanks to this combination the skin
will be nourished and protected. For proper hydration always rub the butter on
dampened skin. In the evening add the Organic Floral Water to a bath, 10 sprays
for 1 l of bath and a teaspoon of PURITY VISION® Organic Baby Body
. You can start this daily care with the birth of your

Skin pampering: Mothers will
come to love the water as skin toner. Don’t be afraid to
treat dry, inflamed, eczematous or irritated skin. Once applied it will be
beautifully fine and hydrated. We also recommend using it as a
foundation before applying our skin oils. Take this step to
make absorption easier and the oil will be more effective. On hot days you can
use the Organic Flower Water for quick facial

Fragrant hair: The Organic
Flower Water will help to comb out the first curls and untamed hair of older
children. After application the curls will become silky with a lovely scent.
Because the Organic Floral Water has wonderful hydrating and
regenerative effects
, you can spray it directly at the roots. Not only
will you help its natural growth, but you can gently remove scaly skin.

How to store: Store all floral
waters in a dark place at room temperature. We recommend storing them in a
fridge during the summer and warmer weather.


Certification that guarantees the highest quality
of the product:  


This certificate is awarded by PETA. It
guarantees that none of our products or their ingredients were tested on animals
and do not contain any raw animal ingredients (beeswax, lanolin, carmine,
etc.).  At PURITY VISION® we value all living creatures and therefore it is
against our conviction to test any product on animals. 


Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Skin type: Mature, Problematic, Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Baby
Composition and ingredients


Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water*,
Chamomilla Recutita Flower Water*, Glycerin, Linalool**.

* From organic farming.

**Natural ingredient in rose and lavender water.


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