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It brings together the best oils and butters for health and beauty from three different continents. Each product represents the richness and wisdom of a culture where these products have been used for thousands of years. The unique qualities and indispensability of these products are confirmed by ye ...

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It brings together the best oils and butters for health and beauty from three different continents. Each product represents the richness and wisdom of a culture where these products have been used for thousands of years. The unique qualities and indispensability of these products are confirmed by years of use in their countries of origin.

PURITY VISION Organic Shea Butter 120 ml

Luxury body and skin care from Uganda for the whole family. A versatile, highly nourishing and caring premium butter. For all skin types. Traditionally used in African cuisine and for chocolate making.

- For face, body and hair.

- For men, women and children.

- For all skin types.

- Regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes.

- Ideal for dry lips and skin.

- Quickly absorbed and soothes.

Purity Vision Organic Shea Butter represents the purest form of shea butter on the international market. PURITY VISION Shea Butter is 100% organic, unrefined and 100% pure. It has a wonderful creamy consistency that is easy to apply and a pleasant nutty scent. It is almost the only Shea Butter on the market that comes from East Africa from a lesser known and less readily available species of Shea tree (Vitellaria Nilotica). Local farmers and their families are involved in the production of PURITY VISION Shea Butter in the spirit of Fair Trade principles.The cultivation of the shea trees and the production of the shea butter itself is designed to positively influence the natural biorhythms of the local fauna and flora and not to pollute the environment.

A little miracle that can handle any situation! Because of its versatile use, PURITY VISION Shea Butter will almost immediately become an essential part of your beauty kit. The whole family will appreciate it: it can be used for hair, face and body treatments; it moisturizes and softens; you can use it for massages, as a soothing after-shave lotion or as an effective relief for your babys sore bottom.

Shea butter in the kitchen

Traditionally, shea butter has been used in African cuisine in a similar way to coconut oil in Asia. In Europe, Shea butter is used in luxury cakes, pralines and other sweets, or as a quality fat in spice mixes and broths.

PURITY VISION Raw Organic Coconut Oil 120 ml

An Asian specialty at its finest that you will love as a cosmetic and food. After two years of intensive research, exploration and experimentation with our farmers in the Philippines, we have developed a unique manufacturing process that allows us to extract absolutely pure coconut oil directly from fresh coconut milk without any heat. A unique patented technology has been developed that is the only one in the world that guarantees the highest possible quality of coconut oil.

Why RAW coconut oil? How is it better than cold-pressed and dried?

- Extremely high quality, nutritious and rich in flavour.

- The purest coconut oil, crystal clear consistency and buttery taste.

- Natural aroma - the subtle scent of freshly opened coconut.

- The gentlest extraction of coconut oil.

- Produced within 90 minutes of opening the coconut

What RAW means:

RAW translates to "raw" or "live". RAW represents all foods that have not been cooked (boiled, stewed, baked, pasteurized, preserved, etc.). To qualify as RAW food, the product must not have been exposed to temperatures higher than 42°C during processing. This condition must be met at all stages of the oil processing - extraction of the raw material, pressing, packaging, storage and transport. In this way, all nutritional values are preserved and there is no modification of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, which retain maximum absorption and availability for the human body.

PURITY VISION Farmhouse Ghee 120 ml

Ghee is a pure butterfat that is produced by slow cooking butter, from which all the water is gradually evaporated and the milk protein is removed. Thanks to this special treatment, Ghee is stable at high temperatures (up to 250°C), making it suitable for baking and frying. Ghee has all the advantages of butter, but is lactose-free and therefore suitable for lactose intolerant intolerant individuals. Another advantage of ghee is that you dont have to store it in the fridge and it lasts a very long time thanks to its zero water content.

Ghee in the kitchen

You will love ghee for its mild buttery taste and aroma with hints of nuts. Use it wherever you normally use butter or other fats. Vegetables roasted in ghee get a touch of the exotic, thanks to its high smoke point, it wont burn even at high temperatures. Pancakes and French toast fried in Ghí will have a crispy crust and a buttery taste. Try adding Ghí to Christmas candy or cookies, they will melt on your tongue.

TIP: Bulletproof coffee! Isnt morning your favourite time of the day? Make your coffee with Farmers Ghee and PURITY VISION® Raw Organic Coconut Oil. Farmers Ghee and Coconut Oil will soften your coffee and give it a beautiful coconut butter aroma, giving you the energy you need again. You can flavour your cup of coffee with a pinch of cinnamon or cocoa.

Certificate: Cruelty Free and Vegan, Organic food EU, Organic food, Fair For Life- Fair Trade
Kitchen: Hot, Cold
Composition and ingredients


Oganic Shea Butter: 100% pure shea butter from controlled organic farming.

Fair Trade Raw Organic Coconut Oil from controlled organic farming.

Farmers Ghee: 100% butterfat.


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