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Wellness set

The most popular skin and body care products in a practical trial package. Pamper yourself both at home and while abroad. The set offers a complete wellness routine, just like you’d get at the spa. • Organic Coffee Peeling – A gentle peeling with Shea Butter for silky-smooth skin. • Organic Rose ...

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The most popular skin and body care products in a practical trial package.
Pamper yourself both at home and while abroad. The set offers a complete
wellness routine, just like you’d get at the spa.

• Organic Coffee Peeling – A gentle peeling with Shea Butter for silky-smooth

• Organic Rose Water – Regenerative and vitalizing care for all skin

• Organic Shea Butter – Luxurious skin and body care for the whole

This special wellness set was inspired by the age-old body and soul cleansing
routine Hammam, which has been performed for thousands of years in the spas of
Northern Africa. Thanks to the three PURITY VISION® products, you can try this
cleansing routine for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Set aside some
time just for you.

1. Steam bath and relaxation:

A warm bath acts as the base that you can add a spoonful of Organic Shea
Butter to the warm water will help the product work deep into your skin. The
bath will quickly turn into a luxurious experience after you add a spoonful of
Organic Rose Water, which will provide a wonderful floral aroma. Then, a
regenerative Organic Rose Water compress will alleviate tired eyes. Apply it to
cotton pads before placing them on the eyes.

2. Peeling:

An important step of the cleansing routine is to remove the dead layer of
skin so that the precious ingredients can make their way inside. This step also
stimulates the renewal of skin cells, and that’s exactly what the Organic Coffee
Peeling is for. The caffeine it contains helps with blood flow in the skin while
also making it shinier; the Organic Shea Butter then thoroughly nourishes the
skin. In circular motions, massage it into the skin all over your body. The
peeling is also perfect for sensitive skin, and thanks to the gently ground salt
and coffee beans, you can even use it on the face. But don’t forget your feet
and hands. Allow the peeling to work for 5 minutes, before washing it away with
warm water.

3. Skin regeneration:

The whole mask locks intense regeneration inside the skin, which is made
using the Organic Rose Water and Organic Shea Butter. Massage the Organic Shea
Butter into the moist skin all over your body and feet. Then, preferably put on
clothing made of natural materials and continue relaxing. The face deserves
special care, specifically in the form of our toning Organic Rose Water,
followed by another Organic Shea Butter massage. Repeat this routine regularly,
especially during the winter months when you’re sure to appreciate it even

PURITY VISION Organic Coffee Peeling 110 g

can boast an array of unique ingredients: Fair Trade Organic Arabica Coffee,
sea salt, Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter, and Organic Raw Coconut Oil, which
guarantee the best skin care. Caffeine accelerates blood circulation, thus
tightening and reviving the skin. It also helps stimulate the creation of
collagen and elastin, which decelerates the skin from aging. This peeling is a
great helper in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. It also provides
necessary minerals and vitamins.

PURITY VISION Organic Shea Butter 120 ml

is versatile, highly nourishing, caring, and full of vitamins and minerals.
It’s a crucial ingredient of many cosmetics and is used in spas and cosmetic
salons for even the most demanding of clients. It originates from pure regions
of East Africa, from the fruits of a lesser-known and less available species of
African buttercup (Vitellaria Nilotica). And that’s why it contains many more
beneficial ingredients than normally available shea butters. It dissolves with
the warmth of the body, making it easy and quick to absorb into the skin and
hair. You’ll certainly appreciate it for its hydrating and regenerative

PURITY VISION Organic Rose Water 50 ml

is made by gently steam distilling the precious Damask Rose, which grows in
the Rose Valley in the heart of the Bulgarian Mountains. You’ll fall in love
with it for its beautiful fragrance and versatile application. Try using it as a
skin water for toning and regeneration, or for make-up fixation. It’s
irreplaceable as a base for the PURITY VISION® skin oils. It hydrates and firms
the skin, prevents wrinkles, and acts as the ideal eye compress.

Certified to guarantee the highest quality product:


The NATRUE certificate is an international certification that protects and
promotes genuine natural and organic cosmetics. Products bearing the NATRUE logo
meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements.


This certificate is awarded by PETA. It ensures that none of our products,
nor their ingredients, have been tested on animals, and moreover, they do not
contain any raw materials of animal origin.

At PURITY VISION® we value all living beings and it is against our beliefs to
test anything on animals.

Fair For Life

Certification awarded by the international institution Ecocert promotes fair
trade. Together, it enables producers and workers who are socio-economically
disadvantaged to access a wider range of social and economic benefits. A portion
of the funds from each product so labelled goes into a special fund to support
the farming community directly in the developing area and improve their living

Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Skin type: Mature, Problematic, Oily, Mixed, Dry, Sensitive, Normal
Composition and ingredients


Organic coffee finely ground*, sea salt finely ground, Organic Shea Butter*,
Raw Organic Coconut Oil*, Rosemary Extract/INCI: Coffea Arabica*, Sal,
Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil,
Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract * From controlled organic farming.

Organic Rose Water: 100% pure rose water from controlled organic farming/
INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Citronellol*, Geraniol* *Natural part of rose

Organic Shea Butter: 100% pure shea butter from controlled organic farming/
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii* *From controlled organic farming


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