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The intoxicating scent and power of 3 flowers in one set. Each flower water has unique effects for your daily skincare routine to exfoliate, tone and refresh your skin. You will appreciate them for acne and eczema problems for their soothing effect. The waters also have beneficial effects for the de ...

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The intoxicating scent and power of 3 flowers in one set. Each flower water has unique effects for your daily skincare routine to exfoliate, tone and refresh your skin. You will appreciate them for acne and eczema problems for their soothing effect. The waters also have beneficial effects for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies.

- Organic Rose Water - Regenerating and vitalizing care for all skin types.

- Organic Lavender Water - Soothing and toning care.

- Organic Chamomile Water - Harmonising and soothing care suitable for the little ones.

PURITY VISION® Organic Flower Waters contain the unique power of herbs. They come from the pristine nature of the Bulgarian mountains. The flowers are hand-picked at dawn. It is after a cold night that they contain the most essential oils, which protect the fragile herbs from freezing. The collected flowers are immediately transported for processing. Only because the transport takes a maximum of 45 minutes do the flowers retain their natural freshness and delicate fragrance. Processing is done in the traditional way using double steam distillation, where a minimum of 1kg of flowers is used per 1 litre of flower water. PURITY VISION® floral waters are the only ones on the Czech market produced as the main product, thanks to which they have a high content of precious essential oils.

Even our grandmothers knew that herbs are a powerful gift of nature. Flower waters have versatile uses. They play an unmistakable role in aromatherapy due to their delicate fragrance, and are also very popular in the kitchen as an ingredient in luxury drinks and desserts. Their widest and most common use is in cosmetics.

Create your own beauty ritual with our floral waters. For an even better effect, you can combine them with other PURITY VISION® products. Each floral water has its own unique properties and uses.

PURITY VISION Organic Rose Water 100 ml from the rare Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) is suitable for all skin types. It is particularly popular for its intoxicating fragrance and versatile use. You will appreciate it as a lotion that is suitable for toning and regeneration. It is also great for fixing make-up, moisturising and firming the skin impeccably. It also has a beneficial effect on the eye area - relieves fatigue and rejuvenates. TIP: Apply together with PURITY VISION® 100% Raw Organic Argan Oil and watch your skin glow.

PURITY VISION Organic Lavender Water 100 ml is made from Lavandula Angustifolia. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and problematic skin prone to eczema or acne. It gently cleanses, soothes and pleasantly cools the skin. It is an excellent helper when detangling hair and stimulates hair growth when massaging the scalp. It is also known from folk traditions that lavender scent calms the psyche and promote restful sleep. TIP: Mix PURITY VISION® Moroccan Clay with warm water and add a few drops of PURITY VISION® Organic Lavender Water to create an original cleansing facial mask.

PURITY VISION Organic Chamomile Water 100 ml from Chamomilla Recutita offers a harmonising and soothing treatment for all skin types. You will love it in your daily skin care routine from exfoliation, toning to refreshing. You will appreciate it for acne problems or eczema for its soothing effect. Chamomile also has beneficial effects for the delicate skin of babies, helping them with diaper rash. TIP: When changing, use on babys washed bottom and then apply PURITY VISION® Organic Baby Butter. Your babys skin will be nourished and protected from irritation. This combination is also great for an evening bath.

Certified to guarantee the highest quality product:


This certificate is awarded by PETA. It ensures that none of our products or their ingredients have been tested on animals and that they do not contain any raw materials of animal origin (beeswax, lanolin, carmine, etc.). At PURITY VISION® we value all living beings and it is against our beliefs to test anything on animals.


The NATRUE certificate is an international certification that protects and promotes genuine natural and organic cosmetics. Products bearing the NATRUE logo meet the highest quality and sustainability requirements.

Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Skin type: Mature, Problematic, Oily, Mixed, Dry, Sensitive, Normal
Composition and ingredients


Organic Rose water: 100% pure rose water from controlled organic farming/ INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Citronellol*, Geraniol* *Natural part of rose water

Organic Lavender water: 100% pure lavender water from controlled organic farming/ INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water, Citronellol*, Geraniol* *Natural part of lavender water

Organic Chamomile water: 100% pure chamomile water from controlled organic farming/ INCI: German Chamomile Flower Water


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