Bio Coffee Peeling 170 g

Organic Coffee Peeling offers gentle care for all types of skin. The magic lies in its caffeine. The caffeine accelerates blood flow, which helps to tighten and strengthen the necessary areas. The high antioxidant content supports the burning of subcutaneous fat and helps to eliminate toxins. This a ...

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Organic Coffee Peeling offers gentle care for all types of skin. The magic lies in its caffeine. The caffeine accelerates blood flow, which helps to tighten and strengthen the necessary areas. The high antioxidant content supports the burning of subcutaneous fat and helps to eliminate toxins. This all makes Organic Coffee Peeling an excellent helper in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

Together with the mechanical removal of dead skin and better blood circulation, it stimulates collagen and elastin production, thus slowing down the skin aging process. Enjoy a peeling that smells of freshly ground coffee the moment it’s opened.

Key ingredients:

Organic Coffee Peeling can boast an array of unique ingredients. A few of the most important include the gently ground Organic Arabica Coffee, sea salt, and rosemary extract. To ensure the skin isn’t left dry but beautifully nourished after applying the peeling, we further enriched the ingredients with Raw Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter.

We process the Raw Organic Coconut Oil using the cold-pressing technique to preserve all the beneficial ingredients, such as freshly opened coconut. Amongst these ingredients, you’ll find lauric acid and vitamins A, C, and E. Raw Organic Coconut Oil PURITY VISION received the Fair for Life certificate, which guarantees fair business practices in all countries of production.

Organic Shea Butter provides the skin with vitamins D, F, A, and E, which support an anti-aging effect. By purchasing the peeling, you’re supporting women in Uganda who participate in the Organic Shea Butter production process. In this way, you’re contributing to the improved quality of their lives and the education of their children.


Body care: Organic Coffee Peeling was designed to gently clean the entire body. Application is easy. First, massage the peeling into the skin in circular motions. Remember to apply it to the hands and feet as well. Then allow the peeling to work for 5 minutes, before carefully rinsing it away with warm water. This will perfectly warm and pump blood through the skin. Thanks to the combination of sea salt, caffeine, rosemary, coconut oil, and shea butter, you’ll be left with beautifully smooth and clean skin. The peeling works great not only to prevent cellulite and stretch marks, but it even softens the skin on the feet and hands; not to mention it flawlessly extends the effect of tanning.

TIP: Organic Coffee Peeling perfectly prepares the skin for hair removal using our 100% natural BioEpil Depilatory Sugar Paste. The gently ground Organic Arabica beans and sea salt remove dry skin, while the caring ingredients of Organic Shea Butter and Raw Organic Coconut Oil nourish the skin. To ensure the product doesn’t irritate the skin, it’s best to use the peeling two days before epilation, or one day before depilation.

Pampering the skin: Treat yourself to flawlessly smooth skin in just five minutes. Gently massage the peeling into your moist skin in circular motions. Then rinse with warm water and gently dry your face. Thanks to this step, your skin will be wonderfully clear and supple.

Organic Coffee Peeling effectively removes dead skin cells. The small coffee beans even improve blood flow in the skin and are great for toning. When applied regularly, the peeling helps to relax the pores, absorb free radicals, and reduce black spots. Even though the peeling has a rougher structure, you can feel safe using it on sensitive skin. But if you’d prefer to stick to a gentler texture, then give our Organic Moroccan Clay a try.

TIP: By using the peeling regularly together with our Organic Flower Waters, you’ll see visibly shinier skin.


Certificates guaranteeing the highest quality of our product:


This certificate awarded by PETA ensures that none of our products were ever tested on animals, nor do they contain any animal by-products.

At PURITY VISION®, we care for all living things, which is why any form of animal testing goes against our beliefs.

Fair for Life

This certification supports fairer international trade with developing countries and is awarded by the international organic certification organisation Ecocert. It focuses on fair and positive relations between farmers and manufacturers, between employees and employers and between traders. Part of the money goes to a fund to support communities of farmers and improve their living conditions in a developing region.

PURITY VISION® is the very first brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to be awarded this certificate.


Certificate: NATRUE, Fair For Life- Fair Trade, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Skin type: Mature, Problematic, Oily, Mixed, Dry, Normal
Composition and ingredients


Coffea Arabica*/•, Sal, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Cocos Nucifera Oil */•, Helianthus Annuus Seeed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract


*from organic farming. 

•Fair For Life Fair Trade certified: 50% of the content.


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