Bio Shea butter 200 ml

For sensitive and delicate skin • Massage • Bath • Cooking  Shea butter represents the mystery of the grace of the most famous beauties of the world. To this day, the Shea Butter is indispensable in cosmetic products used in luxury spa and beauty institutes for the most demanding clients. You too ...

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For sensitive and delicate skin • Massage • Bath
• Cooking 

Shea butter represents the mystery of the grace of the most famous beauties
of the world. To this day, the Shea Butter is indispensable in cosmetic products
used in luxury spa and beauty institutes for the most demanding clients. You too
can now experience the effects of the miraculous elixir of youth. 
Our Shea
butter is versatile, highly
, nurturing and full of
vitamins and minerals
. It represents the purest form of Shea butter on
the international market and is 100% organic, 100%
pure and non-refined. It has an amazing creamy consistency that is easy to apply
and a pleasant nut aroma. 
As the only Shea butter on the market, it comes
from East Africa, from the fruit of less known and
less available species of African Shea Butter tree (Vitellaria
Nilotica). Therefore it contains much more beneficial substances than Shea
butter commonly available from West Africa. Local farmers and their families
contribute to the production of Organic Shea butter in the spirit of Fair Trade
principles. The cultivation of the trees and the production of Shea butter is
designed to positively affect the biorhythms of the local fauna and flora and
not to burden the environment. In comparison with his West African counterpart,
the species Nilotica is softer and more intensely fragrant. 

It dissolves at body temperature, which helps it to be absorbed into the skin
and hair faster and easier. It has better moisturizing capabilities. 

Shea butter = karité butter. 
Different names represent
the same raw material from African Shea butter tree. 
Did you know

African Shea butter tree (variety V. Nilotica),
nicknamed the African gold, is considered a mysterious plant. It only grows in
the East African savannah. It bears fruit once a year, and only after 15 years
of its life and lives up to 200 years. Under the shell of its fruits, nuts,
there is a kernel from which the Shea butter is extracted. The fruit of the Shea
Butter tree ripen in a short period of time from April to June, when they
are hand-picked by local women. The pulp of the nuts has a high nutritional
value and is an important source of nutrients, vitamins and

Organic Shea butter (Vitellaria Nilotica) 
Shea butter
from the fruits of the species Nilotica is rarer, because these trees are less
accessible. It has an extremely good moisturizing properties, therefore it
is excellent for dry skin of the knees, elbows or hands. It is especially
suitable for eczema, sunburns, or as a lip balm. 

Shea butter as a cosmetics 
Small wonder that can handle
every situation 
For its versatile use , the Organic Shea butter will almost
immediately become an essential part of your cosmetic equipment and the whole
family will appreciate it: 
For face, body and hair. 

For men, women, kids and babies. 
For all skin
types, including extremely sensitive
Contains all
the essential vitamins and minerals 
for ideal skin
• Regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes.

Ideal helper for dry lips and skin, minor
wounds and burns
• Absorbs quickly and soothes. 

It has antibacterial properties. 
Moreover, the Shea
butter also helps to activate the production of collagen, and is an invaluable
aid in the fight against premature aging of the skin. You can use it as
a hair treatment too. 

To strengthen and recover split ends,
apply to the washed and towel-dried hair a small amount of the Shea butter and
let it absorb. For intensive treatment, apply to wet hair bigger amount of a
dissolved Shea butter, wrap the hair in a towel and leave it on for at least 20
minutes. Then wash with a shampoo. 
Healing and anti-inflammatory
properties make Shea butter the natural cure for minor
wounds, burns, chapped and keratinized skin on the heels, for insect
bites, muscle pain, different kinds of eczemas and allergies, dermatitis,
arthritis, rheumatism and others. In the summer, you will appreciate it as
a care after sunbathing, because it provides the skin with the
needed hydration. 

Anti-aging effect of Shea butter: 
• It protects
the skin from the negative effects of solar radiation. 
• Supports the
body natural collagen production, thereby makes the
skin firmer. 
• Smooths fine wrinkles and tiny lines and prevents their
• Helps restoring skin
• Revitalizes, softens and keeps the skin

Excellent hydrating properties help to keep the skin softer,
smoother, and healthier. Therefore, it is suitable as a soothing after shave
lotion, for relaxing massages, or as a relief from diaper

Shea butter is perfect for bathing, you
just need to add a spoon of it to your warm bath and let it pamper you. Your
skin will be beautifully soft, nourished, and you will not need to apply any
other body care. We strongly recommend this bath even for babies. 


Certification that guarantees the highest quality of the

This certificate is
awarded by PETA. It guarantees that none of our products or their ingredients
were tested on animals and do not contain any raw animal ingredients (beeswax,
lanolin, carmine, etc.). 
At PURITY VISION® we value all living creatures and
therefore it is against our conviction to test any product on animals. 

style="FONT-SIZE: x-large">Ingredients 


INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*

* From organic farming.

Certificate: NATRUE, Cruelty Free and Vegan
Main ingredients: Shea Butter
Skin type: Dry, Mixed, Oily, Problematic, Mature, Sensitive, Normal


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