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Green set for deep cleansing of the skin

Treat yourself to rest much more often, easily every day in the comfort of your home. With our new deep cleaning set, that wont be a problem. A tired body needs to be calmed down, relaxed and new energy poured into it. Reach for our set, in which you will find three products that your skin will lov ...

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Treat yourself to rest much more often, easily every day in the comfort of your home. With our new deep cleaning set, that wont be a problem.

A tired body needs to be calmed down, relaxed and new energy poured into it. Reach for our set, in which you will find three products that your skin will love and at the same time will be nourished, regenerated and fragrant.

French green clay is especially suitable for oily and combination skin, which can tolerate a greater degree of dryness. Use it, for example, as a face mask, cleansing emulsion, peeling or hair shampoo. It cleans the skin perfectly, detoxifies and helps prevent clogged pores. Green clay is a mineral obtained from the Montmorillon region of France. It naturally contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and other minerals beneficial for beautiful skin. Use French green clay as a peeling, face mask, body and hair care.

Bio lemon balm water offers natural soothing and moisturizing care suitable for all skin types. You will appreciate its effects especially when caring for acne-prone, eczema-sensitive skin. Thanks to its ability to regulate the production of sebum, it is ideal for oily and mixed skin, which it harmonizes and restores its balance. It hydrates, regenerates, soothes and smoothes the skin. Therefore, we also recommend it for the care of mild irritations, for example from the sun or after insect bites. In these cases, it will help reduce skin redness and swelling.

Bio Golden Jojoba Oil has unique normalizing properties that restore the vitality of every skin type. Thanks to the content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, it intensively regenerates the skin and with long-term use improves its elasticity and firmness. It also eliminates the signs of skin aging and promotes cell regeneration, soothes irritation, reduces redness and is a suitable helper in the care of skin with eczema and skin allergies.

TIP: You can also use organic Golden Jojoba oil for hair and scalp care. Make a nourishing wrap or apply a few drops to the ends of your hair.

The set includes a practical make-up removal and cleaning towel made of 100% organic cotton, which gently removes make-up, impurities and dead cells. Thanks to its gentle abrasive properties, it also smoothes and brightens the skin. In combination with the Bio Lavender cleansing gel, they form a perfect pair for the first step of any skin routine - removing make-up and cleaning the skin, neck and décolleté.


Skin pampering: For a deep skin cleanse, try green clay as a scrub or face mask. With its regular application, the remains of dead skin are removed and the pores are opened. It perfuses and brightens the skin, improving its revitalizing mechanisms. At the same time, it is very gentle thanks to its finely ground texture.

Peeling and cleansing clay: Mix the clay with water in a ratio of 1:2 and a few drops of PURITY VISION® Bio Golden Jojoba Oil. Apply the resulting paste in circular motions to the pre-cleansed and damp skin of the face. Afterwards, slowly wash off the mask with lukewarm water and gently dry your face with a towel. For cleaning and subsequent care, use Bio Flower Water and hydrate the skin with Bio Golden Jojoba Oil PURITY VISION®. This mask tightens the pores, cleans and brightens the skin.

Facial mask: For more intensive cleansing, mix French Green Clay with PURITY VISION® Organic Lemongrass Water and a few drops of PURITY VISION® Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. Leave the caring facial mask on for up to 5 minutes. Choose the duration and strength of the layer based on your skin type. When caring for sensitive skin, apply the mask in a smaller layer. The mask should not dry completely on the skin, so it is continuously replenished with floral water.

Body care: For a gentle cleansing of the whole body, you can use a paste that you create by mixing clay, PURITY VISION® Bio Lemongrass Water and PURITY VISION® Bio Golden Jojoba Oil. Mix all the ingredients and rub on the body. Thanks to the paste, you will have clean and smooth skin. Green clay also has a beneficial effect on skin problems. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, prepare a bath or a homemade wrap.

Tip: For quick cleaning in the form of soap, just mix the clay with water, massage the body and wash thoroughly.

Beautiful hair: Green clay also works as a shampoo that gently washes hair and skin. For application, use a bowl in which you mix clay with water. Apply the resulting mixture to the roots of the hair and rinse with warm or lukewarm water. You dont have to be afraid of using it even on a very sensitive scalp, as the French green clay does not contain any aggressive detergents. After application, the skin will be beautifully soft and the hair will be clean.

CAUTION: Be careful not to let the French Cabbage Clay mask dry on your face, as this may cause slight redness.


Certifications that guarantee the highest product quality:


CPK is an abbreviation of three words - Certified Natural Cosmetics. The certification guarantees that the product has met strict rules and contains ingredients of at least 85% natural origin. Furthermore, it does not contain synthetic compounds, GMO components, mineral oils, etc. At the same time, the products must not be tested on animals.


The certificate awarded by PETA ensures that none of our products have been tested on animals and also contain no ingredients of animal origin.

At PURITY VISION® we value all living beings and therefore it is against our belief to test anything on animals.

Fair For Life

Certification awarded by the international institution Ecocert supports fair trade. Thanks to it, together with producers and workers who are socially and economically disadvantaged, we enable access to a wider range of social and economic benefits. Part of the funds from each product marked in this way goes to a special fund to support the community of farmers directly in the development area and improve their living conditions.


French Green Clay: INCI: Illite, Kaolin, Montmorillonite

Bio Golden Jojoba Oil 45 ml: INCI: Bio Jojoba Oil*/• * From organic farming.** Natural component of macerate and essential oil.• Certified Fair for Life Fair Trade.

Organic Lemongrass Water 100 ml: INCI: MelissaOfficinalisFlower/Leaf/StemWater*(Bio Lemongrass Water), Geraniol**, Citronellol**. *From organic farming. ** A natural component of lemon balm water.

Certifikát: CPK Bio, Cruelty Free and Vegan, Fair For Life- Fair Trade


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